Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stem Cells

There are stem cells and then there are stem cells.

And they are very different in their origin.

Usually when you hear the topic of stem cells being discussed, the presenters are pushing / touting embryonic stem cells from aborted babies and would lead you to believe that this is the only source available.

But there are also adult stem cells which are "a horse of a different color".

In fact the real 'action' so far in stem cell research has not been in the embryonic stem cells, as folks would want you to believe, but in the adult stem cell research.

This is an area about which you really need to be informed and aware.

A brief but succinct article will bring you up to speed on this important topic, will explain the differences in the two sources of stem cells, and will explain why the source is important.

This is a very short 'must read' article. HERE'S THE LINK