Sunday, December 18, 2011

From One Flesh -- Or Two?

You have probably heard many religious 'experts' propose the Gap theory.

What is the Gap Theory?

Well, it assumes there is a Gap between the first and second verse of Genesis Chapter One.

And during that time period there were millions or billions of years during which evolution occurred with death, diseases, 'pre-adam-ic' people and so much damage done to the earth that God had to 'start over' anew with His creations in verse 2.

They teach / believe this because they are trying to 'adapt' to the long ages (old earth views and  the theory of evolution) currently being touted by Scientists.

As part of this 'adapting', instead of accepting the creation of Adam and Eve as presented in the Bible, they teach variations on how Adam and Eve 'came to be'.

One such variation says that "Adam and Eve came from 'human-like beings' who lived outside the Garden of Eden:…"

Believe it or not, this view is being taught by Bill Dembski, who teaches at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary !

To read more about this 'teaching' and the ramifications it presents in undermining the authority of God's Word and Biblical Doctrines, HERE'S THE LINK