Saturday, December 3, 2011

The 6 days of Creation and Evolutionary Theory

 Are they compatible?

Perhaps you, as I, have discussed this many times with many folks.

Several of my very intellectual Christian friends believe that Evolution is how God created.


Because,through their many years of study which ended in various advanced degrees, they were repeatedly told that evolution is the answer.

And their Churches and Church Leaders were either totally silent on the topic or, if  mentioned at all, touted and accommodated the old earth long ages views proposed by scientists today.

So they believe that the scientists in their white coats know more than the Bible.

Other Christian intellectual friends, with the same education, however, still believe firmly in the 6 days of Creation as detailed in the Bible.

Who is correct?

And does it matter?

This must read article has some very interesting thoughts on the subject.  HERE'S THE LINK