Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transhumanism series !!

Today we are going to do something new on DIT.

New?  What?

Well, usually, as you have noticed, each day is a stand alone topic.

But today and for the next few days, we are going to go into more depth on a single topic. 


Because it is an important subject and one which is too detailed to adequately cover in one day or even in the short time to which we will be giving it.

The topic, as you may have surmised from the title of today's DIT is "Transhumanism".

And the picture today is of a cover of one of the Transhumanist Magzines.

You may not have heard about this or you may have a smattering of information on the topic.  But it is an important one and you need to know what is coming down the pike.


Because it will have (and is already having) a direct influence on your life!

Today, we will begin by looking at the Wikipedia definition of Transhumanism.

As you read the article, remember it is written by folks who, for the most part, have an old earth evolutionary world view.

You will also notice that there are many pros and cons about Transhumanism.

So, in future DIT posts, beginning tomorrow, we will introduce you to explanatory articles and rebuttals by those who are understandably concerned about this new direction that science is taking.

Transhumanism is far down the road in its development, much farther than you might have suspected.  

How far?

Well, as starters, there is the magazine, Called H+, and various groups and organizations are actively promoting and advancing its work with many conferences and meetings being held.

This is no little thing.

So, let's begin by reading what the supporters and advocates of this new direction of scientific 'advancement' have to say about it in the Wikipedia summary.

As you read, you might want to take notes and if something seems to be waving a 'red flag' of concern to you write it down and think about it.

This is going to be a long article so don't panic, you can skim through it.  The point is that you need to know what the proponents are thinking before we go into the opposing views.

So with that said, HERE'S THE LINK.