Thursday, October 27, 2011

GM pigs could provide human organs by 2013

Today let's read another secular article in support of H+ (transhumanism).

We don't know whether or not the author knows this is transhumanism or if he cares or understands the implications of what he is reporting.

But, now that you have been reading this series, you likely understand the implications of this very brief article.

Usually, as is the case in this article, the key to acceptance of this new direction in science is touted as another wonderful and helpful advance in medical treatments.

But, usually the ethical implications are totally overlooked, again as is the case in this article.

Why are the ethical implications overlooked?

Well, as has been mentioned previously and as you have no doubt also ascertained, since the theory of evolution is now the guiding worldview of most of the scientists and writers today, they believe that there is no God and thus no need to worry about any ethical implications.

So they forge ahead attempting to do things that the God that they are refusing and rejecting has said to NOT DO.

In this case, they think that GM (Genetically modified) pigs will 'help' in medical treatments.

Perhaps so.

BUT is this right?  Should they do this? 

What does God, the real God, the God they reject and refuse to believe exists have to say about this?

Is this a good thing? 

Or are they asking for Trouble with a capital T?