Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giant Fossil shows huge birds lived among dinosaurs

Amazing.  This concurs with what the Bible teaches. Imagine that.

Of course the article doesn't seem to know that the Bible exists or that this 'find' actually confirms what the Bible teaches.

Instead, the article clings to the evolutionary concept and millions of years.

And, by implication, the writer of the article and the discoverers of the fossil likely also believe the idea that dinosaurs, and now also the very large birds, were killed by a comet that fell to earth sometime long long ago.

Well, ok.  Let them think that.

But, the finding of this very large jawbone of a bird in the same fossil layer with dinosaurs is consistent with, as is chronicled in the Bible, the large birds and the dinosaurs being killed and fossilized as a result of the flood of Noah.

Anyway, with that said, to read this very brief article while you ponder what really happened, HERE'S THE LINK