Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Transhumanism in their own words

The picture today is of the H+ Logo of Transhumanism.  It is used extensively including on their Magazine.

And, in case you might be wondering if this series of articles about transhumanism might be over the top and this transhumanism stuff is made up, an article from a recent Transhumanism magazine should give you pause and insight into what the proponents are thinking and reporting.  

As you read the article, you might want to get out your paper and pencil, take notes, and jot down any 'red flags' that you see.

Based on some of the rebuttal links in the past few days, you will likely find several interesting 'insights', correlations, and confirmations of the likely problems with this new direction of science.

For example, the rebuttal articles have mentioned that this is not a new thing but has been around before.

Well, interestingly, the Transhumanists themselves are also aware of this as you will notice in the article.

Hmmmm. Interesting.

In the article is a link to 4 videos in a playlist.  To tell you the truth, I did NOT click through and do not want to click though, so all I can say is, if you do, then watch at your peril.

It is the information about the Golem and other ancient transhuman type creatures that I wanted to bring to your attention in this article, not the videos.

Ok, with that by way of introduction, to read more of what the Transhumanists themselves are thinking and saying.  HERE'S THE LINK