Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transhumanism explained by another Transhumanist !

Yesterday we read an article from the Transhumanist Magazine.

Today, let's look at an article from 'Technology Review', which is published by non other than MIT.

It is an article written by Juan Enriquez, a futurist, author, Chairman and CEO of Biotechonomy, and a transhumanist supporter.

He is giving direct information and insight into what Transhumanism is attempting to do and why.

He is telling us to "Get ready for a new Human Species".


The Transhumanists really do want to "engineer life"!

Again, you might want to make notes and look for 'red flags'.

You will likely discover that the warnings in articles we posted previously, by those who are very wary of this research, are being confirmed as actual ideas, concepts, and technological feats of the Transhumanists.

For example, the article says:

"People think this technology will just change pharma or biotech, but it's much bigger than that. For example, it's already changing the chemical industry. Forty percent of Dupont's earnings today come from the life sciences. It's going to change everything; it will change countries, who's rich and who's poor. It's going to create new ethics."

As you can readily see, this is real, moving fast, and folks need to pay attention to what is going on in the field of Transhumanism.

There is an audio link to the article.  Interestingly, the voices in the link seem to be synthesized computer voices.  How appropriate. 

But, you do not have to listen to the entire audio because the computer voices are just reading the text from the article.

This is a very important article, however, so either read it or listen to the robots read it to you. HERE'S THE LINK