Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whale Fossil discovered in Peru

Yes, another fossil has been found.

This time it is of a giant Whale with “huge fearsome teeth.”

Its name is Leviathan. 

No, this is not the Leviathan mentioned in the Biblical Book of Job though many now suspect that animal was likely a dinosaur.

The discoverers of this fossil named it Leviathan melville (for Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick with the ferocious whale).

So tell us about this latest fossil find? you say.

Well apart from its estimated age, which was obviously determined using old ages world view glasses, it was found in Peru in sediments said to be 12 million years old.

But, if you look at the picture in the article, the sediment layers, in which this fossil was found, look strangely like the smooth flat layers of sediments seen in the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helen’s, and numerous other locations which are thought by those with the young ages world view glasses to be layers deposited during Noah’s flood.

Is it possible that this fossil might not be 12 million years old but perhaps younger?

And is it possible that it died during the flood?

Well, while you think on these things, you can read this interesting article about this reallllllly big whale fossil.   HERE’S THE LINK.