Friday, July 30, 2010

More about hailstones--an Update

As you recall, yesterday, at the conclusion of our Daily Interesting Thing, we ‘Stopped the Presses’ and told you about another big hail storm that had just occurred.

And, though the final information was not yet in, there was a possible candidate for a new record for Hailstone size and weight.

Well Now the hailstone has been weighed and measured.

The result?

1.9735 pounds....  17-18.5 inches

Well, yes, that is big (by today’s standards) and I would definitely not want to be standing (pun intended) in the path of this stone or its companions. 

But 1.973 pounds is a far cry from the 100 pound ones that are prophesied in the Book of revelation. You definitely do NOT want to be around when that hail storm takes place!

Anyway, back to the “stop the presses’ hailstone report,

According to an article today:

“Holes were punched through the top of buildings ....

“dents in the ground, some as large and deep as coffee cans ...

“They sounded like “A guy throwing bricks at the house ...”  

There are also pictures of some of the damage that was caused by ‘fellow’ hailstones during the storm.

And there is a short video that shows the award winning hailstone being measured and some of the damage done by its companions.

Knowing you would be interested in this update, HERE’S THE LINK