Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dinosaurs in Antarctica?

This is turning out to be ‘fossil week’

because on Tuesday, we reported the whale fossil discovery in Peru.

Then, Weds we learned of a Trilophodon fossil recently found in Tennessee.

And now, believe it or not, and you need to believe it because it is true, Dinosaur fossils have been found in Antarctica!

Antarctica, as you know, is currently covered with ice, sometimes as much as 3 miles deep.  Temperatures are often recorded to be - 40 degrees F. And it is as dry as the driest deserts.

With such extreme weather in Antarctica now, of course, only fossils of the dinosaurs are now found there.

But why were dinosaurs in Antarctica? 

And how did they get there?

And was the weather in Antarctica always this extreme?

Good questions, and to find the answers to these questions and more, HERE’S THE LINK