Saturday, July 10, 2010

A great book to read for Free

Yesterday we referenced an article that should help you in presenting the Biblical answer to folks who believe the lie of evolution.

If you read that article carefully, among other things you probably saw a link to the book, The Lie, by Ken Ham.

That book can be purchased, but in these tight times anything you don’t have to purchase is reallllly great.

And guess what --

You can read this book online or download it to your computer. You can even print the the book, if you have a lot of paper and ink.

What does it cost to do this? you ask.

And the answer is... tah dah..... nothing!

It is FREE (except for the paper and ink should you choose to print it out.)

But whatever method you choose: reading on line, downloading for later reading, or printing it out so you can hold it in your ‘hot little hands’, is free.

What a deal!  Thank you Ken Ham and AIG.  HERE’S THE LINK