Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stonehenge’s wooden neighbor?

Probably some of you have visited the ‘real’ Stonehenge in England. 

Or perhaps you have only seen pictures of it. But, whether in person or viewed in pictures, the Stonehenge in England is quite an amazing place.

And no one knows for sure who built it or when or how.

But, guess what -- Archaeologists have now found what they think is / was a wooden henge located very close to the Stone Stonehenge.

They haven’t uncovered the ‘find’ yet so it might not be a timber henge.  It might be another stone henge or maybe even a burial site of some sort.

But for the present moment, the thought that this might have been a timber henge is high on the list of what they found.

To ‘read all about it’, HERE’S THE LINK