Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Oort Cloud. Does it really exist?

Yesterday, we posted an article about “Comets not being the cause of extinctions”. In that article was a reference to the “Oort Cloud”. And, as we indicated, the Oort Cloud is hypothetical.

What? There is no proof that the Oort Cloud is real? How can this be? It is taught to be a ‘fact’ in our secular schools, textbooks, on TV, etc.

Well, amazingly, the Oort Cloud is a still a ‘figment of imagination’, has not been proven to exist, and has never been seen, even with the fantastic Hubble and other high powered telescopes. Wow. Imagine that !

So, that being said, and to find out more about the Oort Cloud, or the lack thereof, today, as promised, here is some more information about the hypothetical Oort Cloud.

First, let’s listen to a 1 minute 30 second audio recording. It is titled “The Oort Cloud - does it exist?” HERE’S THE LINK

And to read a short article about the “Oort Cloud” written by Dr. Danny Faulkner, HERE’S THE LINK

Finally, if you want to know even more about the hypothetical Oort Cloud as well as a lot of fascinating information about Astronomy in general from the Biblical perspective, there is a very interesting article written by Dr. Jason Lisle. The information about the Oort Cloud is about half way down the page.

But before I link you to it, let me add that

This article by Dr Lisle was in an excellent publication which you can still obtain from Answers In Genesis. It was in the “Astronomy Issue” of Answers Magazine. You can buy this issue as a stand alone purchase. But, better yet, why not also subscribe to this Magazine. It comes 4 times a year and I consider it to be worth its weight in gold re the information it provides in each issue. Information re how to subscribe is given in a click through link on the page with the article. You will find that link near the top of the page and just to the right of the opening paragraph of the article.

So, without further ado, to read the article by Dr. Lisle and to find out how to subscribe to the Answers Magazine, HERE’S THE LINK