Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amazing Grace

You have surely sung the hymn, Amazing Grace, many many times (IF you are older than 35 or 40.) But, alas, If you are younger, you may not have even heard it since you have been busy singing those ‘ditties’ in church that I refer to as “7 - 11“ songs ..... i.e. 7 words 11 times.

But whether you have sung this hymn a zillion times or if you have never even heard it, this movie is for you and is one I highly recommend. (And you know by now that there are few movies that I recommend, much less ‘highly recommend’)

It is based on a true story and tells the background to and the results of this most favorite hymn of many people. John Newton, who wrote the hymn and William Wilberforce are two folks you will be meeting when you get to heaven. After you see this movie, you will want to visit and chat with them for quite a while and thank them for letting the Lord work through them in such a powerful way.

It is not a new release (was released in 2007) though I didn’t see it till just a few months ago when visiting with friends and we viewed it as a borrowed DVD.

And, speaking of DVD, since it is not a new release, you can likely rent it from one of the chains or borrow it from your local library. But, if you opt to purchase it, you will be glad to have it in your library.

But whether you purchase, rent, or check it out from your local library, this is a ‘must see’ movie.

To read a review about the movie, Amazing Grace, HERE’S THE LINK.