Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amazing 3D Murals painted on walls

Well, we have had several days of ‘serious’ topics. So, today, let’s have some fun.

A few days ago, I happened across an article about an artist who does amazing 3D drawings on the sides of buildings. Having always been fascinated by drawings on buildings, this caught my attention.

There is a historical drawing on a wall in the town where I was born (long long ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth) but it is not a 3D drawing.

There are also a lot of wonderful drawings on the waterfront wall in Paducah, Ky. which are also worth a trip to view. But they are not 3D either.

And, yes, there are other drawings on walls in other towns and cities.

But, these drawings, which are in 3D, are truly amazing. They look sooooo real. I knew you would want to see them, too, so HERE’S THE LINK.