Wednesday, August 5, 2009

“Comets ‘not cause of extinctions’”

This is another “Oh Oh” for the ‘long agers’ / ‘old earthers’, and the evolutionists.

According to a recent article on the internet, “Comet strikes are an unlikely cause of past mass extinctions on Earth, according to computer simulations.”

Oh, No! You mean that the dinosaurs who supposedly lived long long ago, before man existed (contrary to what the Bible teaches) were NOT killed (extinguished) by an asteroid strike 65 million years ago? Horrors!

And, by the way, the Oort Cloud referred to in the article, which is supposedly the source of these comets, has apparently never been seen and is not a proven ‘cloud’. Hmmmm. In tomorrow’s posting, we will give you some links which will provide more information about the hypothetical ‘Oort Cloud’, so be sure to return to this blog tomorrow.

In the meantime, to read the article about “Comets are not the cause of extinctions” HERE’S THE LINK