Monday, August 10, 2009

Mars magnetic field is missing???

Yes, Yes, I know you just saw this image yesterday. But, it is appropriate to today's post. Let me explain.

But, first let me give you a caveat because as a friend of mine used to say: “I don’t understand anything I know about that!”

And, this is so true re this article which says that Mars is missing its Magnetic Field.

Well, Not being an astronomer, I don’t know if this is a true statement or even how they know that the magnetic field is missing.

But, I wonder it was ‘lost’ (if it is gone) by the method proposed in the article, especially since they say that this happened a half a billion years ago. (How do they know that?)

And, if this was the mechanism, i.e. that comet impacts can really do this, and maybe they can - then, it is more likely that it happened about 4-5000 years ago when there were probably a lot of impacts (as per the scars on moon, mars, etc.) which may have occurred during the year of Noah's flood.

That is just my ‘idea’ so don’t get upset.

But, if they can have an “I suppose”, why can’t you and I also have some ideas. After all, they were not there and neither was I. And I do have a lot of ‘out of the box’ ideas on topics such as this. So, don’t get me started ... (but I wish you would as these are very interesting topics).

And I also have great doubts concerning what they say in the article about how the field formed in the first place, since this is also a lot of supposition from the long ages evolutionary worldview.

So, bottom line, this article probably wouldn’t ‘hold water’ (much less a 'magnetic field') if evaluated correctly (i.e. from God’s, instead of man’s, point of view).

But, since we were thinking about Mars in yesterday’s blog posting, I thought you might find this interesting. So to read this article, HERE'S THE LINK.