Friday, August 7, 2009

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

For the past couple of days we have been thinking about astronomical things (and I am not referring to the gov. debt). So, staying on the topic of astronomy for one more day. Let me ask you....

Do you know about NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive? Hopefully you do, but if not, you are going to love this !!!!

And, yes, this is one realllllly good example of ‘your taxes at work’.

Each day a new, fascinating, and astounding (to me) picture is posted. Sometimes the pictures are of a scene on earth such as an aurora, sunrise, etc., but most of the pictures are from deep space. And, of course, the comments have the expected secular worldview. But, ignore that and just look at the pictures. You will be thrilled at what is ‘out there’.

The Horsehead Nebula in the upper left corner of this blog entry was the ‘Picture of the Day’ for July 21, 2009.

And one more thing. If we can see these distant nebula, stars, galaxies, etc. why can’t we see the Oort cloud? Oh well, just a thought.

Anyway, to see some fantastic views of the Universe that God created, HERE’S THE LINK