Saturday, January 7, 2012

What about the "3 Wise Men"?

Stop the Presses !!!

The DIT today is a blockbuster and you will probably want to share it with your Sunday School or Bible Study Classes, friends, relatives, and even perfect strangers.

Hence the "Stop the Presses" alert.

Yes, Christmas is over but alas, I didn't happen upon this program until today and probably this particular program will not be online very long since the Prophecy in the News folks don't leave their programs 'up' very long and soon replace them with something else.

So, all that to say, you need to WATCH this 28 minuted video now.

What is it?

Well, it seems that (quoting from the website):
"Those mysterious “wise men” 
were quite different from the traditional Christmas account. 
Traveling 1,200 miles from ancient Persia, 
they came to celebrate the birth of Christ—
not as a baby in the manger, but 18 months after He was born! 
Were there 3 “wise men”—or 100? 
Travel back in time with Gary and Bob and take a look at 
the real Christmas story."

You will be amazed at the Historical information presented in this video that is a must watch.

In fact, this is so much a 'must watch' that we are leaving this post up for more than 1 day to give you time to find it and view it before it goes offline.

And, just in case the program has already been replaced (and I think it already has), look for the Jan 1, 2012 program titled "The Real Christmas Story"HERE'S THE LINK