Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another New Year begins -- 2012

The Ball drops in Times Square of New York.

The Peach drops in Atlanta, Ga.

Fireworks light up the sky in many cities and communities around the world.

Families and friends light fire crackers and small firework displays in their yards.

Some people observe the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new year in prayer, reading the Bible, attending group worship services, working, or perhaps sleeping.

But, whether you were awake or asleep, reveling or worshipping, the Old year has passed and a New one has begun.

Last year was unusual in that there were a lot of ONES on the first day.  1 / 1 / 11

This year is the famous (or infamous) 2012 year with all the hype in movies, TV programs, books, and etc about the Mayan prophecies related to 2012.

Of course, no one knows what will happen in 2012.  It is yet to unfold.

But 2012 is now here and there have been many celebrations around the world.

Last year there was an article on the website with many beautiful pictures of the celebration.

I suspect that the celebrations will be similar this year as 2012 was ushered in.

So, since 'fireworks are fireworks' and 'celebrations are celebrations', the DIT today is a redux of those pictures.  HERE'S THE LINK