Saturday, January 28, 2012

Postal Rates have gone up AGAIN

Did you know that it now costs more to mail postcards, letters, etc?

Yes, alas, it is true.

This sad news was in a recent email we received from ARRL. 

Specifically it said (quoting directly from that email):

"It Now Costs More to Send a Letter or Postcard through the US Mail.

On Sunday, January 22, postage rates rose for first class letters, postcards and packages within the US. 

The cost to mail a first class letter is now 45 cents, an increase of 1 cent. According to the USPS, this is the first increase since May 2009.

The cost of mailing a postcard has risen to 32 cents, an increase of 3 cents. This is the second increase for postcard postage in less than a year; in April 2011, the USPS boosted the postcard stamp price from 28 cents to 29 cents.

You will also pay more to send letters to Canada, Mexico and other international destinations."

Thought you would want to know.

This was certainly news to me. I knew it was coming sometime this year but didn't know it had already happened.  Sigh.