Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amazing Snow Art Sculptures

Well, we are in the dead of winter which means, for many folks, that it is time to stay inside, drink hot chocolate, and look out the window at the snow, ice, leafless trees, and dreary days.

But for the Snow Sculpture folks it is time to emerge and do their amazing things.

Each year their works of art are more and more amazing.

They are indeed works of art.

And, no, these are not your familiar cute snowman with a carrot for a nose.

They are much more intricate and advanced than that.

Too bad they must melt away as the year progresses.

But, at least there is a window of time when they can be viewed, admired, and photographed.

Recently a friend of DIT sent an email with many such sculptures.

Figuring you would also want to see them, I surfed around and found a site on the web that posted a bunch of remarkable snow art pictures.  HERE'S THE LINK