Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christopher Bear Scoots

Some of you inquired about yesterday's 'No DIT' problem.  Thanks for the concern.

And they logically surmised that it might be another setback with Baby Christopher, the little boy who had a heart transplant 2 years ago when about 2 months old and a renal transplant just a few months ago.

We have followed his medical adventures on this site.  You can find previous posts by entering his name in the search box in the upper left corner of this page.

But, fortunately that was not the problem. Baby Christopher is fine!

It was a totally different topic which has now been resolved.


And, speaking of Baby Christopher, though he can't yet walk, having been confined to a bed for almost his entire life, until recently --

He can now stand and has taken up scooting to get around.  Walking is surely not far off in the future.

But, as for now, he scoots.

His dad recently posted a very short, 35 second, video of this scooting on YouTube. 

His scooting is really cute and creative but it is his expression at the end of the scoot that is priceless.

He is being praised at the end by his parents and siblings --

but he just has a look that seems to say "so, what is so wonderful about what I did?  My brother took my toys and moved them.  I am just getting back to them so I can play."

What a hoot.

So, to see Christopher scoot, HERE'S THE LINK