Monday, January 30, 2012

25 ways to tie a scarf


What can one say about this DIT but that it is really different.

But it is also very helpful and practical.

Many ladies have scarves but other than knowing one or two ways of putting them on, that is about 'it'.

Yet, one always suspected that there were many more ways. 

As indeed today's DIT shows us.

Remember that SS class we mention from time to time? Yes?

Well, there are some 'scarf wearers' in that class that will get a charge out of today's DIT.  So, if they aren't checking DIT's daily, someone in that class needs to tell them to check this out.

And, some of you (and you know who you are) have been in or led a certain well known International Bible Study that has leaders who often wear scarves -- Well, they will especially love today's DIT.

Plus, those of you who go on cruises or fancy parties or dress up meetings and need to find an easy and fast way to change your 'look' at the various elegant dress up occasions, well, this is for you.

A friend (who was in one of those Bible Study groups we mentioned) sent us this link …. and, other than the short commercial at the beginning (which you can click to quit), this is really interesting, informative, and helpful. Thanks, friend, for sending this.

Warning, you guys will probably want to skip this but come back tomorrow when we will have a link to how to tie your shoes.

But, for now, this is an amazing 5 minute video on how to tie a scarf. HERE'S THE LINK