Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Most Unusual Quilt Maker

Upon graduation from college my roommate gave me a quilt that she had commissioned her mother to make for me. It has been and still is a cherished gift and memory.

A few years after that I received a quilt from a Grandmother (long story about that which we will not bore you with here) but it was another beautiful handmade quilt.

Those quilts are 'antiques' by today's standard.

And though there is a Quilt Museum of quite some fame in Paducah Ky, I suspected that hand made quilts had probably gone the way of the dodo bird.

But, not so fast!

They are still being made!

Recently a friend sent a link to an amazing video about an amazing woman, Diane Rose of Waco, Texas, who still makes quilts.

The most unusual thing about her quilt making, however, is that she is BLIND!

She says she wants to be an 'encourager'.

Well, watch this 5 minute 41 second video and I believe you will definitely be amazed, thrilled, inspired, and encouraged. HERE'S THE LINK