Thursday, March 10, 2011

What do we really know about Radiometric Dating?

You have surely from time to time wondered about Radiometric Dating of things.

Almost daily we hear of 'finds' by Archaeologists in which they say something is 'so many years old'.

Just recently, for example, some fishing tackle was found off the California coast and are reported to be 12,000 years old.

If you didn't see that article, HERE'S THE LINK.

But, the big question is: How did they decide that those implements were 12,000 years old?

What if these artifacts are considerably younger and were left by adventurers looking for a new place to live after the Tower of Babel dispersion?

Are radiometric dating methods as accurate as we are led to believe?

Or are there problems with radiometric dating.

A very interesting chapter in the Book: Evolution Exposed explains, in an easy to understand way, about Radiometric Dating -- How it works, how it is done, and more.

You will really be glad to read this short article as It will help you develop, refine, or further affirm your Worldview. HERE'S THE LINK