Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Shouldn’t Christians accept Millions of years?

On Monday Feb 21, 11, we read a chapter in The New Answers Book - Book 2.

In it we discovered when and why the current belief in millions of years (and evolution) developed.

Before the widespread acceptance of ‘millions of years’, most folks (with a few exceptions) believed the Biblical account of when and how the world was created.

And, some minorities (Greeks, etc.) in the more ancient past (by ancient, I mean 3000 or 4000 years ago) proposed various ideas about the origins of the world, some of which are similar to the current evolutionary ideas.

After standing firm in defending the Biblical Teaching of a ‘young earth’ for centuries, alas, many Christian ‘Leaders’ accepted the Evolutionary ideas proposed in the Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries.

They did this because they thought science trumped the Bible.

So, rather than questioning science, they questioned the Bible.

So, what difference does it make if Christians believe in Millions of Years?

Well, this Chapter from The New Answers Book - Book 1 will help you understand why this is soooooo important.  HERE’S THE LINK.