Saturday, March 26, 2011

Popcorn at the movies. Why?

Popcorn!   I love popcorn!

And it does not have to be a 'movie thing'.

Popcorn while watching tv, sports, videos, whatever, is also great.

In fact many years ago when Mother and  I were 'nephew and niece' sitting while their parents were out of town for a week or so ---

And not being noted for my cooking abilities, several evenings for supper I popped a big pan of popcorn (this was before the bags and you actually popped popcorn on the stove in a pan) and would put it in a big casserole dish for all to eat.

Merrily placing it on the table I would announce "Popcorn Casserole tonight", because everyone knows that 'casserole dishes' are the 'thing' for meals.

After several evenings of this, the oldest nephew said, "Do we have to have popcorn casserole again?"


So we had hotdogs.

Anyway.  Popcorn is fun, nutritious, easy to fix, and to some, such as my nephew, is not their idea of 'supper'.

But, I love popcorn.

So, when this article turned up on Yahoo recently about why it is such a fixture at the movies, I just knew you would want to read it,too.

Then, again, perhaps you are like my nephew and not enamored with popcorn.

But regardless, you will surely find this brief article interesting.

Indeed a friend on the other side of the world also saw this article, thought it interesting, and sent the link.

So, without further ado, HERE'S THE LINK