Thursday, March 24, 2011

J. R. Church 1938 - 2011

A few minutes ago we got the news.

J.R. Church has gone to heaven.

We knew he had been fighting Cancer for some time but had no idea that he was this close to the end.

According to a phone call from a friend who had just visited his ministry's website, Prophecy in the News, J.R. passed away on March 22, 2011.

He will be missed.

He has been an amazing expositor of the Scriptures through the years with many Biblical insights.

His studies have provided invaluable Information relating to prophecy, current and past world events, and more through his many books, a Monthly Magazine, the Website, and weekly TV programs.

Now J.R. is gone.

Gary Stearman, Co-Host of the Ministry, says that the ministry, Prophecy in the News, will continue. And, indeed, that is good news.  But, it will not be quite the same with J.R. gone.

To learn more about J.R.'s homegoing and to view a 11 minute video, HERE'S THE LINK