Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Could ancient people move a 2 million pound rock?

 The picture today is not of a 2 million pound rock but of a big staircase made of rocks and part of a Mayan temple in Central America. 

But the rocks in that picture do not hold a candle to rocks that were moved in building the Great Pyramid in Egypt or of a temple in Heliopolis.

Heliopolis? Yes.

In the ancient Greek City, Heliopolis, there is a temple for Jupiter which has 3 huge stones which are much much larger than any used in the pyramids or in the Mayan ruins pictured above.

We have been led to believe by those wearing the 'old earth evolutionary glasses' that folks long ago, such as when that temple was built, were not as smart or advanced as we are today.

So how did they build that temple and the pyramids?  And how did they move those  2 million pound stones?

Here is what Ian Taylor of Creation Moments has to say in a one minute audio clip. HERE'S THE LINK