Monday, September 27, 2010

Noah’s Ark

Recently a reader of DIT (Daily Interesting Things) sent us an email telling about a replica of Noah’s Ark.

No, it is not the one we mentioned several months ago that is in Hong Kong.

And it is not the partial replica of Noah’s Ark at the Answers In Genesis Museum. in Kentucky

Rather, believe it or not, this ark is in Schagen, Netherlands.

No, I don’t know where Schagen is either, but I will visit it if I am ever ‘in the area’ and so should you.

However, one site mentioned that the ark is not yet open for visitors. Hmmm. 

But, thanks to the internet, it doesn't really matter if it is open or not because there are pictures of it on the net. Yayyyy.

So, let's look at the pictures and save our travel Dollars (or Euros) for some other time.

This ark in the Netherlands was first mentioned, with, of course, some pictures, on the Fox News Site on April 30,2007.  HERE’S THE LINK

But an even better article with a 2 minute 18 second video was posted on another site on Oct 8, 2008.  HERE’S THE LINK

And, last but not least, another good article with even more pictures went online in 09. Hey that rhymes.  : )   Anyway,  HERE’S THAT LINK