Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparents Day

Yesterday (Sunday Sept 12) was, believe it or not, Grandparents Day.

Not being one of those, and not having any of those any more, that day slipped by me.

And, as you alert folks also noticed, apparently the entire day of Sept 12 slipped by me since there was no DIT (Daily Interesting Thing) entry for Sunday.

Alas and Sigh. And it is a lonnnnnng story.

But, trying to make up for it now with belated  information about Grandparents day.

The flowers in the upper left of this entry are “Forget Me Nots” which are, according to Wikipedia, the ‘flower’ for this holiday. 

That is definitely an appropriate choice of flowers as I assume it is intended to prevent such ‘calamities’ as forgetting the day.

Oh, Well.

But anyway, those of you who have Grandparents need to send a card or make a phone call or do something to honor your Grandparents.

This holiday apparently only began in the US in 1978.  Perhaps that is why it is being ‘forgotten’.

But it is not forgotten now.  We finally remembered.

And observing it a day late is better than not at all, imho.

If you would like to read more about this ‘forget me not’ holiday, HERE’S THE LINK.