Monday, September 20, 2010

Caboodle Ranch

Being a dog lover myself, cats have never been my ‘thing’ though they are cute especially when in the kitten stage.

But, recently a friend, who is a cat lover, clued me in to Caboodle Ranch. 

And shortly before learning about the ranch, I had visited friends, who are cat lovers and owners.

One of these folks had a ‘very special’ cat, a bengal cat, which looked like a miniature bengal tiger.  Perhaps it really is a tiny tiger. 

It even wore a harness and didn’t mind wearing it!

A cat wearing a harness. Surely you jest, you say.

No, I kid you not. It really did.  I should have taken its picture. Maybe next time.

But, unlike my friends with one cat each, there is a serious, big-time cat lover in Florida who has given a bunch of homeless cats a very unique home, Caboodle Ranch.

According to an article on peoplepets . com

“... Caboodle Ranch is a 30-acre property and home to nearly 500 unwanted felines. Grant has financed care for his cats completely out of pocket, from buying the land they use to spaying and neutering all of the Ranch's residents. The land features its own little network of buildings, including a city hall, police department, chapel, elementary school and Wal-Mart (complete with shopping carts!). There's even a "Cat Nap Inn," where kittens can rest in lakeside cottages. Though expenses can run high – sometimes $6,000 per month for care – Grant is confident in his abilities to keep his sanctuary going.” 

 You are not going to believe the cats and the homes (yes homes) he has provided for them at Caboodle Ranch.  HERE’S THE LINK.

And if you want to see a zillion more pictures of this most unusual home for homeless cats, HERE’S ANOTHER LINK.