Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries

The article about these finds was obviously written using ‘old earth view’ glasses.

You know, those glasses that see things as being verrrrrrry old and usually much older and / or totally out of synch with Biblical dates.

This is one of the ‘old earther’s’ ways of discrediting the Bible. 

But, don’t be duped.

Put on your ‘neutral’ or ‘young earth’ glasses and look at these interesting discoveries and see what they might tell you as you correlate them with a Biblical time line.

For example, ‘find # 1’, pictured above, and which for some reason is the last in the series, is of Gobkli Tepe, which is now reported by the ‘old earth’ view folks to date to the 10th Millennium BC.  Previously they said it was 8000 years old.  Oh well.

But, hmmmm.  Could it also be related to structures built by people who were dispersed as a result of the Tower of Babel event?

Just a thought. (And probably the more likely origin imho).

Anyway, as you read through these 7 interesting Archaeological ‘wonders’ (and they are interesting!), keep your thinking cap on and don’t swallow those ‘old earth’ dates hook, line, and sinker. 

Instead, consider each ‘wonder’ / ‘find’, where appropriate, using Biblical Glasses.

You will be surprised how these discoveries often provide additional insight and correlation into Biblical events if you wear your ‘young earth’ glasses.

And, by the way, pay attention to the layers of rock in the ‘find # 5’.  Those rock layers sure look like those seen in Grand Canyon and elsewhere.  Do you think they might have been laid down in the Great Flood?  Hmmm. Just a thought.

And now, with all those thoughts and caveats,  put on your ‘young earth’ glasses, rev up your inquiring mind, and HERE’S THE LINK