Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brain Surgery 4000 years ago?

A recent article on the New Scientist website tells of this interesting discovery.

Seems Archaeologists have found two verrrrry sharp “cutting blades”  (scalpels) made of obsidian.

This type of scalpel, they believe, was used to make openings in the skull for brain surgery or other intracranial procedures.

Where were these found? you ask.

In Turkey near the Black sea. 

But this is not the only place that Obsidian cutting appliances have been found. 

There are archaeological reports of obsidian cutting appliances and scalpels in many many places around the world.

Anyway,  the location in Turkey where these were thought to be in use 4000 years ago suggests (to those wearing ‘young earth glasses’) that the folks or their ancestors could have previously departed from the Tower of Babel with this knowledge and maybe the scalpels also.

Remember, when folks wearing the “old earth evolutionary glasses’ use terms such as  ‘stone age’,  ‘bronze age’, etc., they are alluding to periods on their evolutionary time scale when they believe people were still evolving and were far from reaching  our IQs. 

Anyway, Bottom line, if you think of this particular discovery from a  Biblical time line, then this ‘surgical skill set’ could easily have been known at this date.

And, further, the people of those days, according to the Bible, were not dumb but were living in primitive (to us) conditions because they had to leave their cities and advancing culture and start new cultures and civilizations in the Post Flood and Post Babel world.

Think about these things and HERE’S THE LINK.

And to learn more about Obsidian, HERE’S A LINK.

Finally, to read about the Obsidian Scalpel, pictured above, which is currently available for purchase and use by 21st Century Surgeons and why it is often preferable to the ‘surgical steel’ scalpels commonly used today HERE’S THE LINK.