Sunday, September 19, 2010

How do you think the universe was created?

Recently a website associated with a well known all night talk radio show did a poll.

The question was “How do you think the universe was created?”

The results might surprise you.  They did me.

Why be surprised? you ask.

Well, because many, in not most, of the folks who call in to the show and many of the topics that are discussed would lead one to believe that the result to this poll would have been the direct opposite.

Also this is surprising because for the past several decades (and more) evolution has been taught (without rebuttal) in schools, colleges, on TV, in movies, etc. 

So, countless numbers of folks have been ‘indoctrinated’ to believe in evolution.

Yet, in spite of all of that, it appears that not everyone has ‘bought’ the teaching of evolution.

Here is the very interesting result of the poll.

Poll Question: “How do you think the universe was created?”

Poll Answers:

It was brought into existence by God.      59.3%    (5,543 votes)

The universe was created by a process like the Big Bang-- no deity necessary.      18.5%    (1,729 votes)

Don't know/uncertain.      22.2%    (2,075 votes)

Total Votes: 9,347

Of course 9,347 votes is not a huge number.  But, it is large enough to give a general idea of what people are thinking these days.

How about you?  What would you have said?

To read why the correct answer (which determines one’s worldview) is important, HERE’S THE LINK