Friday, September 10, 2010

7 really good healthy drinks

Yes, plain old water is good for you.  And it is probably my favorite drink.

But, for variety, there are several more drinks that you could try from time to time which are also ‘good for you’.

And. no, these are not ‘drinks’ that are inebriating.

And they don’t have ‘bad’ things in them, such as that dreaded high fructose corn syrup about which we hear so much these days.

Instead, these are really healthy drinks but folks just get locked into thinking ‘water’ and often forget these other options.

And when you find out what they are, you will likely respond like that old commercial where the person thumps his head and says,  
“...I could have had a V8".

Alas, V8 is not one of the  7 ‘healthy drinks’ named in this ‘list’ though one of the  drinks listed comes very close to it and there is an advertisement on the page for V8 so it is not entirely ‘forgotten’ and could become a # 8 item.

So, what are these ‘so-wonderful’ and ‘so-healthy’ drinks? you ask.

Well, to find out, HERE’S THE LINK