Sunday, August 29, 2010

This past week in History - The Bible printed for the first time

It is Sunday and many are heading off to Church with Bible in hand.

But did you know that this past week was an historical week in that on Aug 24, 1456, the Bible was printed for the first time.

It was printed, as you recall, on the Gutenberg Press, a moveable type press, and the Bible was the first book to be printed on it.

Until that time Bibles were very rare because they had to copied by hand.

Hence only the very wealthy could afford copies or partial copies.

Today Bibles are very inexpensive and can be had by almost anyone who wants one, since price is no longer the object.

But, until August 24, 1456, that was not the case.

Yes, I know that today is not Aug 24, but it was during this past week that the big event occurred and I waited to share this historic event with you on a Sunday which seemed appropriate.

And, to tell you the truth, I didn’t discover this until a few days after Aug 24 had passed. Sigh.

Anyway, to read more about this historic date and the Gutenberg Bible, HERE’S THE LINK.