Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall 2010 Worldview Rallies

OK folks, the Schedule for the Fall of 2010 has been released.

So If you live in or near any of these cities, you MUST attend one of these rallies.

And, If you have relatives or friends in or near these events, tell them also.

          City                                                                 Date
Little Rock, Arkansas                 Sunday Night, September 19, 2010
Wichita, KS                                Friday Night, September 24, 2010
Lincoln, Nebraska                      Saturday Night, September 25, 2010
Mitchell, South Dakota              Sunday Night, September 26, 2010
St. Louis, Missouri                     Saturday Night, October 2, 2010
Carbondale, Illinois                    Sunday Night, October 3, 2010
Columbus, Ohio                         Friday Night, October 8, 2010
Pittsburg, PA                              Saturday Night, October 9, 2010
Morgantown, West Virginia        Sunday Night, October 10, 2010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin                Friday Night, October 15, 2010
Duluth, Minnesota                      Saturday Night, October 16, 2010
St. Paul, Minnesota                     Sunday Night October 17, 2010
Pensacola, Florida                       Saturday Night, October 23, 2010
Orlando, Florida                          Sunday Night, October 24, 2010
Nashville, Tennessee                   Saturday Night, November 6, 2010
Chattanooga, Tennessee              Sunday Night, November 7, 2010
Kingsport, TN                             Saturday Night, November 13, 2010
Richmond, Virginia                     Sunday Night, November 14, 2010
Peoria, IL                                    Friday Night, November 19th, 2010
Des Moines, Iowa                       Saturday Night, November 20, 2010
Rockford, Illinois                        Sunday Night, November 21, 2010
Branson, Missouri                       April 29, 30 & May 1, 2011

Why do you want to attend? you say.

Well, after you attend you will understand. 

But, in the meantime, know that these meetings are awesome, informative, necessary, will ‘fill in the blanks’ about what is going on, and etc etc etc.

But, don’t take my word for it, though I have attended one of these and highly recommend them, go to one and find out for yourself.

You can read more about the rallies, listen to brief clips of some of the speakers, and register (they are FREE).   HERE’S THE LINK

And, if you have friends in or near these places, you can send them this information by clicking on one of the little buttons below.