Friday, August 6, 2010

Remains of John the Baptist found ?

Well, this is interesting. 

And, how will they know? 

Did folks have DNA records back then?  I don’t think so.

Anyway, the current thinking (while awaiting ‘tests’) is that bone fragments from John the Baptist have been found.

However, other such ‘finds’ claiming to be that of John the Baptist have been reported through the years including in Lower Egypt and other places.

According to Wikipedia concerning this present find:  

"In July 2010 a small sarcophagus was uncovered on St. Ivan Island, Bulgaria. According to local archaeologists, the sarcophagus holds relics of John the Baptist which were donated by Constantinople to the destroyed monastery on the island.”

Well, I guess the “tests”, whatever they may be, will give us the answer or maybe they won’t, but for now, this is what is being reported. 

A one minute 6 second video (after a short advertisement saying that man created the dog ) shows the sarcophagus which might contain his remains and some of the remains.  HERE’S THE LINK