Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cashew Nuts

Sitting here at the computer, clicking away, surfing the net looking for another Daily Interesting Thing to post for your ‘edification’, I reached into a big jar of Mixed Nuts on my desk.

That jar sits next to a small can of Macadamia nuts which sits next to a container of pretzels.

Hmmm.  Isn’t your computer desk similarly fitted out with snacks?

Anyway, looking at the choices of nuts in the Nuts Jar, I pulled out a Cashew Nut (well, several cashew nuts) and began to munch on them.

That reminded me of a trip taken earlier this year where, on a tour, our guide stopped the bus, went to a big tree and ‘picked’ the object you see pictured as today’s Daily Interesting Thing.

What is it? you ask, noticing that it looks like an apple with a hook or something similar.

Well, what you are viewing (that 'hook-looking thing on the top of the 'apple looking thing') is a Cashew Nut as it grows on the tree (though in this picture it is being held in the hand, with the background being the seat in front of us on the bus).

Anyway.  All that to say, this was definitely not what I had ‘pictured’ to be the appearance of a Cashew Nut. 

I assumed they grew more like a pecan or walnut or whatever.  But, this is really odd.

And the processing that the Cashew Nut goes through before ending up in my jar of nuts is amazing also.

For a Cashew Nut, ‘life’ is very different from the average nut. 

No wonder they are so expensive.

Anyway, to read about Cashew Nuts, where they grow, what has to happen to them to get to your taste buds, and more, HERE’S THE LINK.