Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A pictorial journey back in time

Recently another email came with a link to these pictures.

Talk about nostalgia!

For someone who lived in this time (1939-1942) this will really evoke memories.

For others whose parents or grandparents lived during this era, you need to know what it was like in those days.

Wow!  So much has changed since the era of these pictures.

One can hardly believe that this was America only 70 or so years ago!

The way folks dressed -- women in dresses even when working in the fields, men wearing hats, etc.-- wow, how things have changed, not only economically but also in attitudes and attire.

And, yes, radios were the ‘in’ thing and were often huge like the Zenith in the picture above. 

In fact, it was on a radio like this that many folks heard the Halloween broadcast of the Orwell play and were convinced that the War of the Worlds with space invaders had begun.

But I digress.

You definitely need to check these pictures out.  Truly amazing.  HERE’S THE LINK.