Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The X-47B UCAS


Wow. What is that? you ask.

Well it is a Drone.

And, hmmmm, in some views It 'kinda' looks like a flying saucer. 

But, in reality it is  a new stealth jet drone called the X-47B.  

Being a 'drone', it is completely unmanned. 

So when you see the flight deck crew signaling the plane, know that they are not signaling anyone in the drone.  Rather they signaling the on-board cameras, which are being viewed by staff on the deck and inside the command intelligence center onboard the ship as they control the drone.

This short 4 minute video is amazing and is another 'plane' thing sent to us by the DIT friend who finds these interesting airplane videos.

So, with that by way of introduction,