Friday, October 10, 2014

National Weather Service

There are many Local Weather Service offices including the one in Morristown, TN (which is the one closest to the DIT editor).  


The Main Headquarters for the National Weather Service is located in Norman Oklahoma on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Recently the DIT editor and several friends of DIT had the privilege and opportunity to visit this amazing place.

The 7 story building has approximately 500 people working in it.  

It is pictured here in the photo taken by GW, one of the DITers.

Tours are available for groups, schools, and the public but you have to plan ahead and reserve a place as they are not daily.

In fact, during the time that we were in Oklahoma there were no tours available but thanks to a friend of DIT who knew one of the meteorologists, we were able to take a special tour guided by that meteorologist.

There is no way to really describe all that we saw but this 1 minute 22 second video shows the NWS office in Norman in operation during the Moore OK Tornado.  HERE'S THE LINK

For important information about the National Weather Service  HERE IS THE LINK

And for even more information about the NWS office in Oklahoma, HERE'S THE LINK

And, last but not least,  to learn about the background and history of the NWS, HERE'S THE LINK