Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles - A Gazillion Bubbles

A friend of DIT found this most amazing link.

What is it this time? you ask.

Well, the friend included this description in his email with the link:

"Below is a link to a unique display of incredible bubble creation. 

The inventor Fan Yang is a Canadian bubble artist. He was born in Vietnam in 1962. He has earned international acclaim as a result of his complex displays of bubble theater.  

In addition to performing he has developed his own bubble solution formulas and equipment to create bubbles. 

Fan Yang has broken bubble-related world records on numerous occasions. 

Yang has a show, the "Gazillion Bubble Show", in NYC  and has staged it elsewhere, including Las Vegas . His wife, Ana Yang, performs the show in his absence…enjoy!"

So, with that by way of introduction,