Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Hubble Telescope

The introduction for today's DIT was written by a talented homeschooler, who by the way was the photographer of the picture you viewed yesterday of the National Weather Service Building.

"Have you ever wanted to see the beauty of outer space? 
Since the time of Galileo astronomers have dreamed of a way to look farther into the stars, and with the in invention of the Hubble Space Telescope their dream has become reality. 
The Hubble was designed to free astronomers from the limitations of their devices and to be the “eye in the sky” for space study. 
The Hubble was ready and launched in 1990 but sadly sent down blurred pictures. 
In December 1993, a small team of astronauts were sent up to repair the Hubble. The repair took five days and went as planned. 
Once fixed, the Hubble started to send down crystal clear images of our glorious galaxy. 
The Hubble Space Telescope had its last servicing May 2009 but its successor, the James Webb Telescope, will be launched as its replacement. 
The Hubble which is 353 miles from the earth, has opened many new doors for the study of space and has shown us the many, many wonders and beauties of the galaxy. "