Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Lapse Video

Through the years we have seen time lapse videos of flowers blooming, grass growing, chickens hatching, and all kinds of interesting things.

Indeed, the picture today is of a time lapse camera that you can put in your garden to get those amazing pictures of flowers blooming, plants growing, etc.

But the time lapse video we found for today's DIT is unusual for several reasons (and was not made with the garden camera shown above.)

First, it is a time lapse video of a flight from San Francisco to Paris!

You will see lots of land, cities, clouds, and more.

The 'more' is especially interesting as you will actually see the Northern Lights !

Yes, the Aurora borealis !!

Years and years ago (shortly after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane -- well not THAT long ago, but close), I, too, saw the Northern Lights while flying from England to America.

What a sight that was and this time lapse video accurately depicts what I saw and still remember to this day.

I was only able to take a few pictures using slide film (remember that?) so only got some static images.

But this 2 minute time lapse video is really neat and more detailed.  HERE'S THE LINK