Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jewish Feasts and Holy Days

Yesterday, as you know, was Passover, one of the many annual Feast and Holy Days for the Jewish people.

But, these days also have great significance to Christians.


Because the Feasts and Holy Days observed by the Jewish people are prophetic pictures of future events.

Many of these future events have already been fulfilled.

Some, in particular the Fall Feasts, have yet to be fulfilled.

Most Jews have not understood that the Feasts and Holy Days they celebrate are not only important occasions to worship their God but that they also picture future prophetic events.

Most Christians do understand.

In fact, on our Bible Studies Website, as part of the Leviticus series of lessons, we have 4 lessons (Leviticus Lesson 15,16, 17,18) which delve into the Feasts in great detail. If you would like to read or do those lessons HERE'S THE LINK.

That link will take you to the long list of our studies. Scroll down to the Leviticus series and then look for Lessons 15-18.  They are FREE, downloadable (you can print them out and work them off line), and very informative.

But, back to the topic at hand -- which is the Jewish Feasts and Holy Days --

There is a website 'out there' on the net which you will surely find helpful since the special days change from year to year.

Hence it is not easy to 'keep up' with when the specific dates will occur.

To go to that website (and you will probably want to save it to your bookmarks) HERE'S THE LINK