Saturday, April 9, 2011

Car Parts made of Mushrooms !

Surely this is a joke, you say.

But apparently it isn't a joke.

Seems that some folks realllllly think they can do this -- make bumpers and other car parts from mushrooms!

And not only car parts but other products could include surfboards, building insulation, and more!


Silly me. I thought mushrooms were to be eaten. Sigh.

Will this fly?  Will it work?

I guess time will tell if this happens or not. But at least some folks are definitely thinking outside the box.

And others have also been thinking outside the box as some car seats are reportedly made out of soy !  

Aren't you glad you come to DIT for your "Daily Interesting Thing"?

Now if this is not 'interesting' … wellllllll

Anyway, remember You heard it first here.

Well, maybe not first. You might have already seen this on Yahoo.

But if not, HERE'S THE LINK